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The history of the Delphic Games

The Delphic Games started officially in Greece in 582 B.C. Together with the Olympic the Delphic Games (called the Pythian before) were forbidden more than 1600 years ago and reappeared only at the beginning of the 20th century: the Delphic Festival was held in Greece in 1927 – 1930, it became the complete analog of the ancient Pythian Games. However, because of the Second World War the Higher Forum for Art was suspended.

The work on the revival of the Delphic Games continued in the 70-ies of the XX century in the Soviet Union. Accumulated experience became one of the backgrounds for the founding in 1999 of the National Delphic Council of Russia (NDC Russia) and for the working-out of the modern format of the Delphic Games.

The new era of the Delphic Games, which became the world event, started only in 2000, when with the participation of 27 countries the First World Delphic Games of the present were held by the National Delphic Council of Russia in Moscow. 938 people participated in 18 nominations and the jury included representatives of 13 countries.

Nowadays the International Delphic Committee is headquartered in Moscow.

In 2014 a new format of the Games – European Delphic Games – was launched. The First Open Youth European Delphic Games (Volgograd, Russian Federation) became the starting competitions of this type and representatives of 26 countries participated in it.

Till now sixteen Youth Delphic Games of the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States were held. More than 10 000 young people at the age of 10 – 25 from all the states of the Commonwealth participated only in final rounds of these events.

The Games of single states, which are qualifying competitions that allow to form teams for the international Delphic competitions, are held on the national level. 

The Internet television of the Delphic Games DELPHIC.TV was launched in September 2010 at www.delphic.tv. The main objective of the media is dedicated to the issues of culture and art and collecting a key target audience of this sphere.

  • 26 Сентября 2023 года
    Министр культуры и туризма Пензенской области С.В.Бычков встретился с победителями XXII молодежных Дельфийских игр России и наградил их Благодарственными письмами Губернатора Пензенской области и Министерства культуры и туризма региона
  • 25 Сентября 2023 года
    Губернатор Иркутской области И.И.Кобзев подписал Указ о выплате в 2024 году премий лауреатам XXII молодежных Дельфийских игр России и их преподавателям
  • 21 Сентября 2023 года
    Лауреатов XXII молодежных Дельфийских игр России поздравили с достойным выступлением в Костромской областной Думе
  • Вторые открытые молодежные Арктические Дельфийские игры
    Вторые открытые молодежные
    Арктические Дельфийские игры

    20-24 ноября 2023 года, Республика Коми
  • XXIII молодежные Дельфийские игры России
    XXIII молодежные Дельфийские игры России

    19-24 апреля 2024 года, Республика Мордовия

  • XXII молодежные Дельфийские игры России
    XXII молодежные Дельфийские игры России

    21-26 апреля 2023 года, Саратовская область

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